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We’re all about sustainable, long term change here at Elite Fit, no faddy diets or gimmicky exercise routines. Instead you’ll find;

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Freedom to control your own diet whilst together working on making the small, positive changes that will eventually yield you the long term results you’ve always desired!

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Coaches that care within a community of likeminded people that can help you in every area of life, all whilst keeping you motivated to smash your long term goals!

Guaranteed Fat Loss Results

With over two decades of experience transforming peoples lives, we’re certain in the fact we can help positively impact your life and help you achieve your dream body!
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Meet Mac

I’m David McKinnon, director and owner of Elite Health & Fitness, better known as Mac.

I have always been interested in health, fitness and nutrition, practising a variety of sports including running, cycling and triathlon. Different training methods bring about different benefits; I combine them to make sure your personal training sessions are fun, effective and safe.

The needs of the individual and indeed the fitness industry as a whole are constantly changing. I stay abreast of these changes by constantly updating my knowledge, studying various techniques from strength training and functional training to hormonal disruption and functional nutrition.

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Yes! It Really Is Free! And It Only Takes 10 Seconds To Apply…
“I am definitely going to keep up with all the changes I have made, including going to the fitness classes. It’s not faddy or even a restrictive diet, it’s a lifestyle change that makes sense – and a difference. I owe so much to Mac and Matt at Elite, they are always there for help, support and motivation and I would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone who wants, and is ready to, make a change.
Alex Mustoe – Elite Fit Client.
Who Do I Work With?
Anyone who has tried dieting and training previously but want to experience long term and more sustainable results.
Those who WANT to achieve an admirable body transformation without having to compromise their social life.
Both men and women who are willing to work hard and accept that there is no ‘quick fix’.
Anyone who understands the importance of investing into their health, mind and body.

“I am a 50-year-old woman with four teenage children, including a set of twins and a full busy life. For me, fitness is two-fold: being fit for my life and investing in my future health, but now also seeing how far I can push my fitness levels. I guarantee, age is not a barrier to success! I can now run 5km in 24.5 minutes and with Mac’s help and support, I know I will get even faster!”

Lady Anne Evans – Elite Fit Client.