Everything about Jess’s story inspires me, and it is the reason I love doing the job that I do. But this story is not about me; it’s about the dream of one young man who wanted to join the Royal Navy but did not meet the weight criteria. That meant losing just over 6 stone inside 9 months. Not only was his weight an issue, but the impact on Jess’s life was evident: his confidence had hit an all-time low, he did not feel attractive to the ladies (his choice of words), he wanted to sleep all the time, he had all sorts of aches and pains, and was worried about his health. Jess knew this would be an epic journey and he would have to adopt a completely new eating and fitness routine. Here is his story in his own words …

Jess: I dreamed of joining the Royal Navy but always put this to the back of my mind because I was morbidly obese and extremely unhappy. I was worried about my health, despite being only 25 years’ old. I realised that I was tired all the time, felt bloated and had painful joints, my confidence was at rock bottom, and my clothes were massive, baggy and unflattering.

I chose Elite because they seemed different from other gyms. When I did my research on local personal training facilities, Elite and especially Mac had the expertise I felt I needed. The studio was not intimidating – it had “regular” people not ripped, fitness fanatics and gym bunnies – and they cater for the whole person not just fitness. Mac is a nutritionist so there was a big focus on my dietary habits and how I could change the way I ate based on my circumstances. I knew I had to make a serious commitment because I had a serious goal. So we set my goals, created my training plans, and I had a nutritional plan, stretching and exercises to follow at home too.

The journey was tough at times, but the Elite team had my back. When I was struggling I was guided, coached and mentored just at the right times. I have achieved way more than expected, losing more than 40 kilos, that’s over 6 stone, in 8.5 months. My health, confidence and energy are amazingly improved. My body has completely changed and now I have muscle definition. I have met the Navy weight, and have joined and completed my basic training.

I was excited for Mac to come and see what he has helped me achieve. There is no way I could have done this without help from Mac and the Elite team. He has gone above and beyond what I expected. The support and guidance were simply superb. I am truly grateful and now I have a friend for life … Oh and by the way I have a girlfriend too!

Thanks Mac from the bottom of my heart!

Watch Jess tell his story … 

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